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Author: rolschwarz
Time: 09/08/03 06:26 PST
This is a reply to message no. 12063 by alext
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Poor Drafting Practices
I also got my drafting "education" as a machinist trying to read others' unintelligible scrawl.  The ultimate question that any drawing should answer: "How would a complete stranger (with the proper skills) make this part?"

I have sent costumers into furious tizzies about "poor quality" because I gave them exactly what they asked for.  One customer (a high end, "bold look" plumbing fixture company) rejected an entire shipment because the parts did not fit.  I had called to warn that the parts don't fit together as drawn, and was summarily shooed away with a "you are only a machinist, do what we say".  I made sure that 100% of those parts were within 1/3 of tolerance from nominal as specified on the print.  Some of my best work ever.  Did they learn?  I did not stick around long enough to find out, since I graduated from college the following week  :-)
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