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Author: rfp1968
Time: 05/26/05 10:47 PST
This is a reply to message no. 12039 by rorschach
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Poor Drafting Practices
You have hit a nail on the head of one of the problems I have having at the moment in trying to improve my engineering drawing. I studied mechanical engineering at college and university years ago and learnt basic engineering drawing and CAD (the two being seperate subjects and not integrated so never actually been taught how to actually draw with CAD).

I am trying to improve my drawing skills to gain employment as a draughtsman using both books on drawing and CAD and even have found one that covers both - to a fashion.

Problem is learning just from books is slow going and very few courses about (certainly in UK) for engineering drawing - loads for CAD. Its like being given a car manual and being expected to be able to learn to drive from it. Also when it comes to forums and engineering resources the position is the same - great to know CAD but would be nice to be able to have access to quality information / instruction for drawing itself. As you say what is point of knowing how CAD works if have no idea how to draw. If anyone woud like to vent frustration by turning me into a proper draughtsman they would be doing me a very big favour.
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