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Author: gerdb
Time: 11/27/03 06:15 PST
This is a reply to message no. 12606 by Booster
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Home-made Giant batteries
From the little I know: capacitors discharge their energy all at once, so you need to focus on making a battery.

It is always best to go with proven technology. You may be creating hazzards for yourself and others by doing your own thing. So, why not use 10 new car batteries, in trucks they already use more than one. 10 car batteries at 12 volt each can give you 120 volts dc. You can then convert it to ac to use in your house. Figure in some loss in the conversion to ac and go with 11 batteries. Maybe light bulbs can be run on dc, I don't know.

The reason you need to convert ac to dc is that dc doesn't travel far and, therefore, all appliances are made to run on ac.

It is a LOT cheaper to just take your electricity of the power grid. They already have it all figured out. And they have the benefit of mass production.

Your powersource would not last long, mabe a few hours at best, while theirs is inexhaustable and stable.

Even using solar energy is more expensive then paying the electric company.

They have those little wind mills on the farm, is that what you want to use to charge the batteries? The big windmills like they use in California, the blades of the windmill alone weighs several thousand pounds. Again, a do-it-yourself application is a waste of your resources (money). A little bit of free energy somewhere doesn't really amount to anything, because you really get an awful lot of energy for a little bit of money from your utility company.

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