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Author: Booster
Time: 11/27/03 11:43 PST
This is a reply to message no. 12611 by gerdb
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Home-made Giant batteries
Gerb.  The system i have in mind is an experiment in studying lighting, although, hopefully from cheep and canabalized parts.  If feasable, it'd be great for rurual folks, (and only as supplimental energy) but not in the city, because of hazards.  With a emf gauge one can launch a rocket into thunder head at peek charge differential.  With this, one attache's wire to rocket.  Wire connected to 4-10(even numbered) metal rods (bar stock).  (May need to get each bar to exact measurements and with equall density and purity.  Possibly ground steel.)  The rods extend out in circle or star pattern equidistand from rocket terminal.   Rods are connected to the Barrels, wich may be large enough to take the charge.  If water vapor is eliminated in key area's there is less chance of components bursting.

Maybe the car battery bank could be secondary to this, just for control and accessabillity.

The wasted cost, is the wire (it vaporizes) and the engines, the rockets might be salvagable. But bought in quantity coud be cheap enuf.

Streamers may result around these strikes, thats why i think this is best used ruraly.

Some small towns could convert water towers into giant capacitors or battery's.

Here's followup question aslo... Can DC power a heating element?
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