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Author: devitg
Time: 11/27/03 14:59 PST
This is a reply to message no. 12618 by Booster
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Home-made Giant batteries
Hi you.
You shall know .
"all a single man could think , sure  but not known when , other man could do"
Up today it is hard to think about to store all energy ofrom a ligthing, but , the same had hapen when one think to land in the moon.

Abot heating with DC by a resistance , of course it can be done .

Just touch , with care, a lamp in you car.

It is hot.

Keep thinking and dreaming , but be aware of some danger when making it real, do not worry,  go ahed.

I will tell my dreaming about energy.

I'm a worker on service of any kind of mechanical part , I use , hand drill, grinders, electro arc welding , niblers. routers,  hand light lamps, an so on.
Allways it is a mess of wires or cables on the floor , and so on.
Instead of using cordless device , welding is impossible, I want to plug a neregy transmitter on a corner , and all my machines will have a energy reciever, so no mre any cord on the floor.
Sure my garnd son , 6 years old or his future grand son , on the next century will see my dream.


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