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Author: notlobkarm
Time: 11/27/03 19:32 PST
This is a reply to message no. 12619 by devitg
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Home-made Giant batteries
If I am right you are thinking of tapping ambient environmental electro static energy.  I read a speculative article about this very topic in Scientific American about 15 years ago.

There is a small amount of electricity which I think might be solar in origion. There is aditionally elecrtical potential generated electrostaticly by weather.

The sorts of aproaches being thought of are using electret motors involving circular plastic disks - like a Wimhurst machine in reverse. For lighting EHT discharge tubes could be used. I belive you are also thinking of exploiting the far larger availabiltiy of electrostatic energy during thunderstorms.

The problem you would run into is the inherent violence and unmanagability of the forces you seek to tap.  In fine weather the available current is minimal and during storms it is devastating.

Certainly the idea is intriguing.  I once lived in a region where the natural electrical engery was a vibrant entity. The dry north west of Australia. On some days the electricity in the air just sizzled. I once saw an arch about 10mm long traveling from a car radio areial to the chassis - about 20 kv and fairly stable. Once some humidity came into the picture lightning storms of the most awesome ferocity began.

I know how an engineer should never say never but I think it is impossible to harness this energy in any but the most esoteric of ways. Possibly involving high altitude balloons.

I dont wish to sound unkind but it seems fairly clear you have little practical knowledge of the sorts of technologies involved. I would caution you to confine your studies to theory alone untill you have a clear idea of the forces involved. If you were to try to replicate Benjamin Franklin's studies you would be exposing yourself to great risk of getting yourself killed.  

It is great to see an enquiring mind at work.

Kind Regards

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