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Author: gerdb
Time: 11/28/03 15:27 PST
This is a reply to message no. 12606 by Booster
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Home-made Giant batteries

"Certainly the idea is intriguing. I once lived in a region where the natural electrical engery was a vibrant entity. The dry north west of Australia. On some days the electricity in the air just sizzled. I once saw an arch about 10mm long traveling from a car radio areial to the chassis - about 20 kv and fairly stable. Once some humidity came into the picture lightning storms of the most awesome ferocity began. "

Try using a crystal and copper wire, that is how they made electricity flow in anchient times between the ocean and land. In the place you mentioned, maybe it works between air and land. But, they were quality crystals the size of a fist. In addition, it took a prayer to get it to start to work. (Really, there is a scientific basis to that, non-religious).

Maybe this is what is exciting the originator of this thread.: memories of the distant past.

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