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Author: Booster
Time: 11/28/03 23:48 PST
This is a reply to message no. 12606 by Booster
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Home-made Giant batteries
hmm, not me ,,, i think i only remember some tribal stuff, I like spears for some reason.  And ancient things.  

,,pardon while i ponder this subject just a little more, before i bore anyone away.  I just thought of one other thing to eliminate so many rockets, but here is where my electronics knowledge falls off.  

     An arial, 3-9 meters high added to the rocket terminal. First time rocket is launched.  Bolt hits, batteries charged,,no causalties.  Now, is the atmosphere (-) charge or (+)  charge, and can we induce the opposite charge into the arial at the peek emf during next event(thunder head)????  
     What to use for next event. DC? AC? constant, pulse, charge, or frequency, or both.   Also, are there harmonics in electronics, like there is in music?
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