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Author: booster
Time: 12/06/03 23:38 PST
This is a reply to message no. 12712 by rorschach
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Home-made Giant batteries
Well earlier someone responded about crystal storing infinate energy, i didn't respond because, i thought of no way to get pure crystal that easy, but if there is synthetic crystal available at reasonable aquiring, then what,
  But i thought the coils might do the trick of making the buffer.
That leads me to one other question.. What are the laws concering power tansfer from electric, to electromagnetic , and back.  What is the % of energy loss, and so on.   I think there is room for experiment here guys, this thread got a lot of responses, so i know ya are pondering this one too.

     This to me warrants further experimentation, yet i am busy launching a successiong of other projects, and there is plenty of time to work things out in theory first.  I wish i could post a 3d Cad model here,  i would work out the drawing in a matter of hours or days, and show you who responded what i had in mind.  The batteries would be in a star pattern ,, kinda like an old SAM sight.

     If the barrels would not be large enough, Howabout a large shallow settling pond or slough, with terminals (metal posts) in a grid pattern, with leads to each.,,,, hmm

Thanks for all your input!  Hell ya!
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