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Author: booster
Time: 12/07/03 01:42 PST
This is a reply to message no. 12724 by b1ueshift
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Home-made Giant batteries
hehehehe...I dont care for notariety, ormass producing this product, id just like to get the knowledge to those who could, and would use it, free. Thats why im posing so many questions on it here.  Different perspectives bring more idea's and solutions together much quicker.  Just need the participation, no matter how much.

     I actually did get dinged by a lighting bolt once.  Just a streemer i believe. No heat or burns,  it was more of a shock value, much like a giant electric fence.  Worst effect was how fast it made my hart jump from a normal rate, to an extremely high rate.  Right arm was a bit numb, and of course that hair on end feeling.   I believ it hit the stop sign 4 feet away, and i got a steamer. I was on a mountain bike, just jumped it out of a puddle up onto curb.

     I wanted to start by testing the rocket and wire connection out in the eastern oregon high desert, from inside insulated van, or vehicle of course. Using wireless launching, and testiing effects through different metals or other mediums, and get a "feel" for what is going on.  Then move to trying to control damage, or directing damage where needed.  Calculate energy's, etc.  Biggest problem, is i dont know where to get the grade of wire i need without having big fucking brother kicking down my door, thinking im trying to build MANPAD's or somthing. Im also very low budget, and confined to only mostly theory right now, so this will alll come later.  

     I would like to experiment, and posibly make scupltures of multen metals, or simply try to control the damage in different mediums/metals. With the lighting bolts.
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