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Author: dfischer
Time: 01/14/04 12:20 PST
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Gearing formulas
I am trying to figure out how to get the right answers to the following questions? Can anyone help? I would like to know if someone can show me how they are figuring out the problems.  The questions I have are all multiple choice, but the book does not give a good example for figuring out these problems. I appreciate any help you can give me.

1. A miter gear having 40 teeth and cut with a circular cutter has a  
    diametral pitch of 4. Determine the root angle. I know the answer
    is one of the following but I am trying to understand how they get
    to the answer.

    a. 21 deg 29' b. 33 deg 41' c. 42 deg. 58' d. 51  deg 33'

2. Calculate the pitch diameter of a worm wheel if the pitch of the
    single thread of the worm is 3/4", and the velocity ratio of the
    worm and worm wheel is 40.

    a. 9.55" b. 11.25" c. 13.45" d. 15.25"

3. Two screw gears that run together have a radii of 6" and 8"
    respectively. The angle between their axes is 60 deg and their
    threads make equal right angles. If the gear of 6" radius has 36
    teeth, calculate the normal circular pitch.

   a.0.6554" b.0.7912" c. 0.8423" d. 0.9069"

4. Calculate the number of teeth on the gear of 8" mentioned in
    question #3.

    a. 24  b. 36 c. 48 d. 72  


Diana Fischer

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