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Author: rolschwarz
Time: 01/19/04 11:31 PST
This is a reply to message no. 13040 by fulcrum
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only bad attitude causes economic loss in peaceful use of atomic power plants
I do have some inside knowledge of nuclear power, that obtained from U.S. Navy enlisted nuclear power school.

Never once did I feel my safety or long-term health was in danger from navy nuc plants.  However, the navy is a not-for-profit enterprise that can budget on a safety-first basis.  Not so for commercial power generation.

Perhaps if the scale was larger, it could be more economical.  Imagine even greater possibilities:  Since a nuclear core is basically a rock that generates its own heat, why not use that heat for mass desalinization!  Spent fuel not suitable for power generation might still be used for this purpose.

Still, what to do with that nasty waste...which has a lifetime longer than that of any single government in history.  Remember, there is no such thing as a detectable non-lethal dose of plutonium.

I don't like the media's take on nuclear power.  I have yet to meet a single journalist who is even remotely qualified to discuss the subject, let alone inform the unwashed m_asses.
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