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Author: acroduster1
Time: 01/21/04 05:13 PST
This is a reply to message no. 13032 by gerdb
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only bad attitude causes economic loss in peaceful use of atomic power plants
One issue about NG:  many chemical plants use NG either in their process, or to heat their processes.  I know of several plants that had to lay off a significant number of their workforce because the price they were paying for NG made selling their product uneconomical.  I also know of one plant that hedged on NG (bought an abundance when the price was low) and was able to continue producing for about a year and a half longer before having to lay off workers.

Also, NG fired power plants, while more expensive to operate, can be shut down and fired up easier than oil, coal and especially nuclear plants.  This makes them ideal for peak demand plants that only run in the summer in hot climate markets.  The western states are building a few to be able to fire them up and sell to California when needed.  It looks like the northeastern states could use a few as well...
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