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Author: devitg
Time: 05/05/04 13:54 PST
This is a reply to message no. 13835 by bqtran
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Vacuum Chamber Design
as the welding load is about 434 lb-inch length  ,  it is distributed on the longitunal welding at 434  lb/inch lenght  by 20,5 inch span between beams.

load on each beam as column      434 x 20.5 = 8897 lbs

As it  is a column,  it is loaded as a column .colinear with it's longitudinal axis. 7'4" heigth

The problem here is SAG or BULGE as it is long column so more than compression you have other efect , i Call it PANDEO in Spanish.

It is what hapen if you want to PUSH a rope  .or a wire :) ;)

Do you get it?

If you want , contact me at

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