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Author: devitg
Time: 05/06/04 13:29 PST
This is a reply to message no. 13844 by acroduster1
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Vacuum Chamber Design
Hi Acroduster , as you can see in my previous post the load does not help almost nothing.

You shall consider each side as uniform loaded  by  13.75231 pound /inch2 It is the 28"Hg vacuum

It's a heavy  load: 258433.4095 POUNDs

Your 28000 lbs load only exert a  0.555428571 pound /inch2

So it does  compesate almost nothing from the other side load.

this weight 258433.4095  POUND   is applied on the side walls.
at the roof   it is       213875.9251 POUND
So the problem is not on the roof or even the floor , guess you do an empty test.
The problem is on the side walls

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