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Author: ddelaiar
Time: 05/25/04 09:13 PST
This is a reply to message no. 13961 by travis
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Efunda, I have an idea for you guys.
While in theory, I think this is a good idea, I really hope this site doesn't go that route.  I think about it this way - engineers are tools of a company.  We design, analyze, and organize projects in a technical sense that management can't quite get their hands around.  If, all of a sudden, management were to find out that they can find answers to their questions online - BOOM! - there goes the need for engineers.

Now, granted, that is a worse case scenario outlook.  But look at it this way.  A young kid is in college working on his engineering degree.  He comes across some tough homework and/or project and decides that he can't do it.  BUT, there's this wonderful place called eFunda that has all the answers for him. POOF!  He aces his course, but never really understands the material.  Now, imagine half an engineering graduating class goes through school like this and gets degrees, but never really had to struggle to understand the material.  They are going to be less competent than those of us who had to really learn the material.

I'm not saying that eFunda shouldn't provide help, equations, theoretical discussion and general engineering knowledge at the click of a mouse.  Spelling out the answers to design problems, however, is intruding on people's intellectual property and allowing others to slack off and not prove their worth.

Just my $0.02.
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