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Author: travis
Time: 05/25/04 12:20 PST
This is a reply to message no. 13961 by travis
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Efunda, I have an idea for you guys.
You guys are shooting my idea balloon down pretty quick. First of all I'm not expecting you to give me your whole file cabnet of enginering examples and worked problems, I'm not pushing engineers aside and making an easy route for the students or whoever you are threatened on taking your positions, or students getting through the system the easy route. If you want an easy crash coarse in engineering, look at the machinist handbook, learn your algebra in high school and you can figure out most anything. I am specifically taking a page out of Robert L. Mott book, Machine Elements in Mechanical Design, that has a design calculation sheet in the front of the book, I used this book going through my Mechanical Engineering Degree for a class, this type of example made more sense to me than most all examples in the whole book. Real World problems solved, I'm not asking for your kitchen sink, just something to aid students in their understanding of where all these formulas take place, and why they are used. And also a refresher for many engineers who have been doing other work besides that particular field, (given that the rest of you are human and do not retain knowledge like a computer hard drive.) I wasn't trying to step on toes here, I was simply trying to throw an idea out to you guys. I graduated in engineering in 2000 and I was recommended this site by my engineering teacher during my degree pursuit. This site helped me with some of those homework problems some professors have a hard time explaining, in the forums. I am simply trying to give current and aspiring striving engineers real world problems to look through, so they have a concrete place to look instead of searching for answers in the forum atmosphere. I know when I was taking classes, efunda wasn't there for the tests, so students still have to learn the stuff one way or another, regardless if we post design calculations for simple mechanical problems. Maybe I should rephrase the idea, maybe it should be a "real world example section" for various engineering problems. Giving maybe one problem per topic. I'm not forcing this idea on this site, just wanted to throw the idea of a tool, that may help many students and engineers. These can almost be thought of as textbook problems worked through, in a sense. Just an idea, but from the sound of the first two responses a very bad one at that. Try and develop the idea guys, not fire guns in self defense.

Not trying to tick you guys off, I just seemed to have learned easier with real world problems. It made learning a whole lot more enjoyable, to see it in applications

Sorry to step on toes,

Maybe I should have stuck to my last idea, the spell checker :) LOL
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