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Author: travis
Time: 05/25/04 13:52 PST
This is a reply to message no. 13970 by rstone
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Efunda, I have an idea for you guys.
Thanks for the honest reply, not a "get off the forum with that idea" approach. This was what I wanted to hear, a good honest answer, not a single sided narrow minded reply. I can understand where you are coming from regarding the, "every situation has different variables" thought. This is true, I am just brainstorming with the rest of you guys trying to improve apon to what is already a very good site. Some of these guys thought I had the direct ability to chistle this idea in stone. No offense to anyone, but how can a good engineer be narrow minded about ideas presented to them, isn't that what engineering is not. Engineering is creativity (in a sense of finding various solutions) combined with math, theory, and "street smarts".  I for one have dealt with these type of people, and felt they would have been more productive on a political debate team. I appreciate the constructive comments. Of course efunda would never put something up one users requests, this was merely a spark to start some thoughts on ideas such as these.

Thanks Again,
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