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Author: travis
Time: 05/26/04 12:37 PST
This is a reply to message no. 13973 by acroduster1
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Efunda, I have an idea for you guys.
I agree you with 100% on this. This is what I mainly was refering to. A spreadsheet/design calculation sheet type of atmosphere. Where the efunda members build a database (on efunda of coarse) to aid each other, much like the forums do. This is my view on it. What is the difference in going to the forum for help with something, and using a spreadsheet or design page for help getting through a conceptual problem. Business people could care less about how to make or design something, they see dollars, and thats all. The idea behind the efunda aproved thingy was just something I threw in there, that was really just make-up and hair gel for the actual "design pool". Thanks for the answers guys, just sharing my ideas.

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