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Author: BeRight
Time: 06/21/04 06:45 PST
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Pounds Mass vs. Force
In evaluating an encapsulant for a new design, I was trying to estimate the material usage.  The only relevant thing the manufacturer offers is Specific Gravity (1.35).  Using the efunda calculator, I determined that my 1.6 cubic inch cavity will use 0.078 pounds (mass) of material.  To convert to pounds of weight, I multiplied the result by 32.2 ft/sec/sec to convert to pounds force (a.k.a. "weight").  The trouble is that I'm certain this relatively small volume will not weigh 2.5 lbs!  In fact, it appears that the original result is indeed in pounds force, and not mass.  Can anyone help me out on this confusion?  Thanks.
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