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Author: devitg
Time: 06/22/04 09:31 PST
This is a reply to message no. 14147 by devitg
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Current Topic:
Pounds Mass vs. Force
1  g/cm3  gram per cubic centimeter  
1×106  g/m3  gram per cubic meter  
1000  g/l  gram per liter  
1  kg/dm3  kilogram per cubic decimeter  
1  kg/l  kilogram per liter  
998.847  oz (av.)/ft3  ounce (av.) per cubic foot  
0.578037  oz (av.)/in3  ounce (av.) per cubic inch  
62.428  lbm/ft3  pound mass per cubic foot  
3.61273×10-2  lbm/in3  pound mass per cubic inch  
1685.55  lbm/yd3  pound mass per cubic yard  
10.0224  lbm/gal (UK)  pound mass per gallon (UK)  
8.3454  lbm/gal (US, liq.)  pound mass per gallon (US, liq.)  
1.94032  slug/ft3  slug per cubic foot  
1.12287×10-3  slug/in3  slug per cubic inch  
52.3886  slug/yd3  slug per cubic yard  
1    specific gravity  

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