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Author: acroduster1
Time: 09/17/04 11:54 PST
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I know this one will light some fires...
In speaking with a fellow engineer, he discovered that I post to some engineering websites.  He took a tour of the efunda forum and thought it was a great idea save for one thing:  he says we are giving away free information to international engineering outsource operations that are taking jobs from U.S. engineers.

As a propeller-head (what my Dad calls engineers), I like to get to the bottom of a problem as much as the next engineer and I'll ask questions if I need help and answer questions if I can.  As a U.S. engineer, I can sympathize with him, but I don't necessarily agree with his sentiment.

I'd like to see what some of the folks on efunda (from anywhere in the world) have to say on this subject.  I'm interested in other U.S. engineers' views as well as other countries affected by the outsourcing wave.
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