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Author: vinzenma
Time: 09/20/04 01:18 PST
This is a reply to message no. 14588 by acroduster1
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I know this one will light some fires...
Im not so sure,if in helping other "engineers" with there problems can do much harm to the world or take away jobs from an economy. To become an engineer, means being trained for several years (high school and university) and to have high quality education in a sufficsticated enviroment. Especialy if we look at leading technologies e.g. bioengineering you can't just start designing a product and hope that a customer will buy it form you just because it's cheap. We have to sepearate technology in high tech and low tech. If someone wants to know to calculate a beam, then just let him. If he starts asking for technlogies being applied to problems recently, I think as engineers, we to have start holding back information. In the end all information on a certain topic being developed in an public paid research laboratory will be official anyway so you can't stop information being passed on, it's just a question of when you pass the information.

If we look at the problem of outsorcing in Switzerland in the engineering departments of enterprise, I can tell you that won't happen. Switzerland, as a country with a astronomas salary costs, has lost most of its production facilities because of the pressure on the international market. So the only thing left to generate wealth is by developing new and innovativ products so that lisences can be sold (e.g. Sulzer Diesel engins which are used to propel large ships are produced in Koera und Japan but completly developed  in Z├╝rich, Switzerland). In many ways the process in the US, as I have read and heard here in Switzerland, is what happend to us in the 80's and 90's. A lot of "basic" jobs were being outsorced and only high proftable jobs were kept in the country. After 10 years the boards of the enterprises have found out, that it was absolut rubbish to do that, because when outsorcing production facitlities into other countrys your enginners loose contact to there product because there is no feedback from your production (personal contact is always better then e-mail). So what happend in the end, is that today, enginners are forced to "run" after there information to keep the products being improved. Only that now the workshop is located somewhere in Asia and not 30m next to the engineering office.
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