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Author: vinzenma
Time: 09/20/04 23:31 PST
This is a reply to message no. 14603 by b1ueshift
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I know this one will light some fires...
But in the end the question comes to the point, were you ask how mach information and technology can be outsorced just to be competitive on the market. Can high skilled jobs in an economy  generate enough profit to pay the lost jobs which were outsorced.

You can find a hugh amount of exampels of outsorcing in history. The problem is that it always turned back on you because by outsorcing, by the nature of the process, you give away information. You don't necessary have to outsorce into a undeveloped contry it can also happen between developed one's. So in the end you start creating an opponent by trying to be competetive on the market.

To me only cost efficiancy would be the reason to start outsorcing into undeveloped countrys. It's absolute unsocial und capitalistic way to make more money without thinking about the social consequences to your own society.

So in the end, if you don't have enough innovation in a country and you have outsorced to much, your in a phase of stagnation. So can a society be so innovate to be competitive on the international market and not really on "traditional" products? I would say no.
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