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Author: gerdb
Time: 04/22/05 20:37 PST
This is a reply to message no. 15866 by sdoughty11
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Feasibility question
all you people work from the assumption that energy is a scarce resource. I don't think under that assumption.

There is plenty of oil for forever, just dig a little deeper.

Not to talk about atomic energy.  I hear in Germany they decided to get rid of all atomic power plants in a certain amount of time, maybe 2 decades. Then what?  Windmill farms may be fun but how much power do they provide?

No, Germany knows there is plenty of oil, or they know something they don't talk about. And it isn't hydrogen fusion either, because they are doing that the wrong way and it will never work the way they do it.

The basics of energy are totally misunderstood in this technological society.

In the meantime, play with anything that fancies your mind.

My opinion.

If you listen to yourself instead of the endless TV nonsense, you will get to know things as well.

I have not the faintest hope that anyone will agree with me. So don't worry, folks.

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