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Author: gerdb
Time: 04/23/05 07:20 PST
This is a reply to message no. 15872 by sdoughty11
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Feasibility question
not really, no nonsense

just previous exposure to other worlds

this is the lowest-tech environment I ever lived in

you recognize a low-tech environment if people use electric lamps to make light, that is the lowest technology that exists anywhere

actually we are working our way down in this Universe,  into ever denser dimensions

talking as life forms in general

so, in that way, earth seems to be AHEAD of the crowd

reincarnation is a given fact to me, never ever not believed in it

mankind using chemical engines for space travel ---- now that is as low and dense as it gets

just having fun

but you will eventually learn that I am correct

being only outer directed and learning nonsense from others, exclusively, will get you into an energy crisis in the midst of plenty for everyone else

so, good luck on YOUR way !

no, no nonsense, as you will eventually learn yourself

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