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Author: booster
Time: 04/23/05 12:38 PST
This is a reply to message no. 15864 by booster
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Feasibility question
I did post that anyone is free to post spinnoff idea's on this. I try to keep an open mind, and i appreciate your input gerdb.  It was a bit more phyllosophical than i was expecting, but thanks for participating.

I wonder if any of you know what your city does with leaf litter.  Make a simple phone call and find out.  I will if you will.  We can do this feasibillity study right here. Maybe some of you could run the numbers and show a rough outline of the energy that could be got from a certain quantity of leaf litter material.  Weather it be bio-digester or burned.

If this were a workable thing, it could promote green space.  Was it the Kyoto protocall that promoted credits to nations for green zones? Some one help me out here, I think it was Bush that kept us out of that too, but anyway, you get the idea.

View it as an "energy crop".  I'm not trying to beat the drum and say, "hey look i have an energy solution here" Im just trying to see what you all think, and if you have an idea what is done with that waste in your area, and could this be a better use for otherwise piles of mulch.

Arent there government loans for things like this? Such as energy and environment enhancing solutions?

Maybe im barking up the wrong tree, "pun intended", but i would appreciate anymore input on this.
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