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Author: gerdb
Time: 04/26/05 23:47 PST
This is a reply to message no. 15864 by booster
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Feasibility question
more proof:

Only helium has a positive nucleus.  Only helium can be made to provide energy.

Helium is the first stage of converting energy into matter.  All matter was helium first.

From helium we derive hydrogen plus energy.  

In the first stage of creating different elements in the stars, elements up to iron are being formed.

In the second stage, making elements heavier than iron, stars going supernova form the higher elements, including uranium, which is unstable enough to be usefull to us humans for atomic energy purposes.  But that is like using dung or leaves to make heat.

The real energy comes from converting helium into hydrogen plus freeing up energy.  Hydrogen comes from helium like the female comes from the male, the male being positive.

Male and female, helium and hydrogen.

Everything else (offspring of atoms) starts with the interaction between male and female, helium and hydrogen, the greater with the lesser, God with His creation.

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