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Author: booster
Time: 04/28/05 01:20 PST
This is a reply to message no. 15864 by booster
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Feasibility question
gerdb. Don’t be so crusty, i was just poking a little fun, although intention doesn’t always come across in a typed message.
      I think you lost me a little bit because im not well schooled in physics.  I understand that you are saying don’t bother, because it’s a backward approach.  Well, let me put in words that might fit in with your point of view.  Lets call it damage control.  Im not out to solve world energy problems.  I’m just brainstorming.  I see a resource being wasted, and I think there is a way to put it to use.
      I should add, that I am a depopulationist also.  And with any new innovation to society, I think there should be equal efforts to control birth rates and immigration.  Let me demonstrate that point of view in a short blow by blow.  
    Invent new drugs, eliminate disease, give people drugs, people screw like rabbits and die off less, people overpopulate region, to many people and not enough land, people hack each other to pieces. Start over again.  Now if you intend to fertalize crop lands with bodies and blood, that’s a great plan, but the point is, we have to put more efforts into regulating population growth, if we are gonna start eliminating nature’s checks and balances.    
     Lets exhange generational views here for a moment.  I live in a world that is tainted with waste and pollution. I grew up in the shadow of oil refinery smokestacks, not to mention the long shadow cast by Hanford nuclear plant in Washington State. It seems that where I grew up everyone got cancer sooner or later.  I live in a country whose government seems corrupt, and always has been since I can remember. There fore I’ve never believed in our current system but occasionally I go along with all the other “sheeple” and pretend that my vote counts.  I live in a society where people no longer can rely on a stable job, economy, or a decent fucking price for a house.  There are fewer companies with longevity nowadays, because they get bought out, downsized, and outsourced before you get your first raise, so what’s the point in trying.  I’m trying to get on with a peaceful secular life, but occasionally I have a “insert religion here” influence trying to regulate and legislate how I should live my life.  
     Im all about sustainability because now days there is a market for it.  I think there is money to be made in new innovations in recycling, and hell, I just like the idea of recycling or turning someone else’s waste product into a new product.  Kinda feels like gold fever because everyone else still has the industrial revolution mind state.  In short, I think that there is little competition in this area because it is an industry in its infancy.
       I sometimes seek the path of least resistance and most profit.  

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