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Author: gerdb
Time: 05/05/05 23:42 PST
This is a reply to message no. 15864 by booster
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Feasibility question

you are a glimmer of hope in this dark age, taking the time to think about my statements

If you believe that I have things backwards, then this is GREAT !!!  We do have an understanding. I really do have things backwards.  Only my way works and yours doesn't.

"I don't really expect you to understand.  You're one of those people who would rather entertain delusions than take the time and energy to learn anything in depth."

I DO understand your approach quite well. From your viewpoint you are 100% correct. Had I taken up theoretical physics when young, I know I would see things exactly as you do, because that is the way it is being taught on this planet.

Talking about myself: I am the problem solving thinker type and rather objective. I use DOUBT as a tool. But we are not talking about little old me here.

I am sincere in my statements and believe they are true, however I don't have the means of proof at this time.  Its not delusional but rather observed over the ages.  Different technological environments entirely, without making a value judgement as to which is better, each is needed in its own hemisphere/universal dimension.

At this time I think it is funny as hell that mankind is using hydrogen for atomic research.  You can squeeze that stuff in magnetic bubbles until you get green in the face and even God could not accomplish what mankind is trying to accomplish that way. Mankind has daily proof of that.  Ad a little helium to make a hydrogen bomb, he? And, funny as hell, the damn bomb isn't going to work without the helium.  Now what if the helium is the ONLY thing that works, what would that do to the energy equation?  All human formulas entirley understated as far as energy yield is concerned?  Sero understanding of how things really work? That is what I am talking about. If so, then what is the real source of energy?  So far that source is unknown to mankind.

Or maybe the military science has answers they keep secret from the rest of us?  If so, we need to find out what it is,  independently from them, because we sure could use some clean energy.  Cold fusion and magnetic bubbles are dum ideas.  Maybe the military doesn't even know enough and might re-thinks things. Both the Soviets and Americans keeping half a secret, with the other half unknown?  I don't know, as theoretical physics is not my bag anyway. But inter-dimensional awarenes I have few problems with.

The value of my contribution to this thread, at this time, if there is any, is merely to try to awaken some resident human scientific genious to greater awareness and have him start realizing that things ain't ever going to work that way. And maybe that other guy has the answer to know what will work. Its going to be God given insight, not human insight. Its way beyond human skill like the genius of Einstein was beyond human skill.  Any Zweistein out there ?

Repeating what I said before in different words, just trying to get the ball rolling…………….

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