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Author: gerdb
Time: 05/08/05 00:07 PST
This is a reply to message no. 15998 by rorschach
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Feasibility question
"there is NO WAY a catalyst can affect the nucleus of any atom. "

what if we were making helium out of energy with the help of iridium, helium (2 electrons) being the first atom to manifest from energy, not hydrogen (one atom) nor any other atom, only helium comes first, that is the catch mankind hasn't found out yet

hydrogen comes next

that is the approach God uses, I am personally familiar with that fact from previous learning

how we get to making energy is still not clear to me

iridium being formed after iron (?) from supernova explosions (?) certainly comes a lot later than helium and hydrogen, but it has a special place connecting back to energy itself that we as humans can make use of, we have to use what is being offered at the time: ligthning striking and giving us fire,  firewood, coal, oil, atomic fission, atomic fusion, and now we are next to creating helium out of pure energy

how I don't know

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