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Author: cessna
Time: 06/01/05 19:12 PST
This is a reply to message no. 16218 by sjoerdtje
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Stresses in a clamped circular plate
SJOERDTJE:  I agree with Sdoughty11.  What are you trying to do?  If I understand your question you have a 75mm (2.95") flat plate with a 50mm (1.96") hole in the center that is 25 mm(.98") thick and you want to find the shear and bending loads at the outside edge.  You did not give the magnitude of the uniformly applied load.  Why do you want to go into the plastic range?  First I think the dimensions are such that your bending moment will be smaller than the shear forces.  This means the shear forces will predominate.  The distance from the edge of the inside hole to the edge of the plate is only 12.5mm(.49").  How is this supported at the edges?  If the edges are welded I believe there is a good chance that the weld will fail before you see any damage ot the plate.  This is a very unusual problem that lies outside the limits of conventional elastic theory.  This is a special case problem.

Good Luck
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