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Author: Sjoerdtje
Time: 06/01/05 22:48 PST
This is a reply to message no. 16218 by sjoerdtje
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Current Topic:
Stresses in a clamped circular plate
To make it a bit more clear:

The plate has a diameter of 150 mm The hole of 75 mm. The thickness is 25 mm.
The Load on the plate is 600 kN. However the load that i need to calculate with is 5 times (safety margin) 600 kN which makes 3000 kN.
This safety margin is against breakpoint. That means that the ultimate tensile strength may get reached at 5 times load. The material is then however totally elastic which requieres an elastic method.

The distribution of the Load can however have 2 shapes, uniform or nonuniform. This is due to the large deflection that will occur with a load at 3000 kN. We could say that the pressure then gets distributed over a smaller area.
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