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Author: gerdb
Time: 07/11/05 22:39 PST
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In defense of Bob Lazar and alien space craft
In defense of  Bob Lazar and alien space craft

"These flying saucers are not  something to be backward engineered, but they serve as a creative vision for our imagination going into the future."

Until I came to incarnate on earth, these aliens space craft were the lowest form of technology I was familiar with.  They do exist.  They are nothing new to me. When humans see them operate, all they can see is light being generated by their interference with the earth/time/space environment. That is entirely normal and always has been that way, that is all earthlings will ever see with their physical eye balls.

Some power has "given" those vehicles to the military (dummest people on earth ussually). They will never be abe able to backwards engineer them, that is not why they have been given them (and thus to the rest of us humans).  The reason they have them is :  because technologicla progress is usually made first in terms of war making equipment.  See the development of aerospace technology as a race between two hostile nations, not in co-operation with each other, but as deadly enemies.  This is human nature. Human "IMAGINATION" and enterprise is BEST AROUSED by military undertakings, a fight of life and death, otherwise Joe Sixpack would never ever get off his dum butt (me included).

To know and hear about  these space craft actually being in human hands, is a great mental experience for me to have.  I have plenty of memories about the actual use if them.  Bob Lazar is entirely correct in all of his assumptions, and he likely remembers personal experiences from other incarnations in other dimensions than earth as well.

We humans, me included, could never backward engineer "ANY PART OF IT" (as Lazar was asked to do).
That is the   D U M B   military approach.   The smart approach is to look at these time machines as WHAT WILL BE HAPPENING TO US IN OUR FUTURE.   Several thousands of years from now, we will have developed THIS  EXACT  SAME  TYPE  OF  TECHNOLOGY.  These flying saucers are not something to be backward engineered, but they serve as a creative vision for our imagination going into the future.  Like a child is being asked "what do you want to be when you grow up".  And by that  time we had better left the dumb military behind.

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