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Author: cessna
Time: 07/12/05 15:54 PST
This is a reply to message no. 16455 by gerdb
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In defense of Bob Lazar and alien space craft
Let me add my two cents.  I do not believe in flying saucers the way we usually think of them; i.e.  alien spacecraft and aliens.  One thing that has bothered me for a while is that no one has ever reported a sonic boom.  Given the alleged speeds and abrupt maneuvers I would expect sonic booms/contrails/and other stuff.

The universe consists of at least 10 dimensions.  We, as earth people, live in three (length, width, depth) and we can measure the fourth(time).  There are then at least 7 dimensions that we cannot perceive.  I believe that these "spacecraft" or whatever they are  moving in and out of dimensions we cannot perceive and occasionally they enter our dimensionality.  I think something is happening, because the "freedom of information" stuff I have seen has many blackouts.  That leads me to suspect that something is going on and perhaps some people know what it is.  It is just that we do not.  It could be supersecret government programs or it could be interdimensional.

Thanks for reading
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