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Author: gerdb
Time: 07/13/05 11:23 PST
This is a reply to message no. 16455 by gerdb
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In defense of Bob Lazar and alien space craft
where are you when you sleep ?

Aparently in another dimension. We only visit this 3 or 4 dimensional world to do our work, then return to sleep to regenerate.

When we sleep, we exist in another state that supports our existance in that state or dimension. We have dreams, dream experiences even.  We return to this 3-d world but eventually disappear from this world for what many belief to be "forever", after about a 100 year stint in the 3-d dimension.

So, we actually only visit this 3-d dimension and really "belong" in another dimension.

Now, taking this as a starting point,  how about creating a vehicle that is not made of matter and atoms.

Or we make a vehicle from know materials, materials made up of atoms, and then change the material into something that does not contain atoms, because the atoms is what limits us to this 3-d dimension.

How about going one step further, and eliminating "atoms" alltogether, once and for all, from our imagination. We develop a new theory, and get away from the idea that matter is made up of atoms.

Those space craft the military has are NOT made up of atoms, IF they have any space craft at all.

Now, would it not be nice to be able to touch such a space craft, put it into public domain, a space craft that is NOT made up of atoms !  The stupid military keeps itself from making progress by hiding those space craft from the public. They believe to be "THE ONLY ONES" intelligent enough to deal with strange visitors from another world.  And thus they make any further progress (in defense of our nation) impossible.

I know from personal experience that such space craft need maintenance, but they can be maintained only when stationary on a planet, not during flight, neither inside nor outside the space craft. Being inside such a craft in flight, it takes a good hour to just lift ones hand to turn a switch. It takes as long or as short a time period to go to Mars as one wants it to be, but for un-initiated travellers (like myself) the proper speed was a few days to traverse the distance to Mars.

I have greater memory banks about life elsewhere than on earth.  So, it would be impossible for me to make this stufff up.  

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