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Author: booster
Time: 07/13/05 23:59 PST
This is a reply to message no. 16455 by gerdb
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In defense of Bob Lazar and alien space craft

Blueshift, not to single you out, but I wanted to delve into something you said.

"It is surprising to me that a lot of intelligent people believe in flying saucers.  There may be something in it - but I don't get it."

Have you ever seen the time laps video of a carcass as it is devoured by bugs and scavengers? I would like to use this as an example for the people that think we are alone and inaccessible.  Consider that as the carcass swells and deflates in the short video, a large population of insects was born and died in a weeks span.  
We could not appreciate what took place there if we just visited the carcass a couple of times and saw it becoming less.  If people could envision this planets populations of critters, coming and going, swelling and dying off, and then, through the eons, as the critters themselves change slowly.  
I believe most people can comprehend that. Now step back a little further.  Back up your viewpoint a bit, and look at the galaxies and the universe with that sort of time lapse sequence.  Can you see planets capable of spawning life go through the same sequences?   Can you also see some planets dying and eventually being vaporized into nebula gas as other planets are just forming out of an older nebula?  Even still, others are supporting civilizations at various levels of advancement. Some killing themselves off.  Some species making great progress in evolution only to be wiped out and sterilize at the last minute by cyclic solar instability. Perhaps, some have genetically manipulated themselves and are well suited for nomadic space travel.   What if some are parasitic on levels we can’t comprehend yet.

The maggot eating out the insides of the carcass will not stop and look at it and say "hey, that’s a carcass", but some day, under the right conditions, his distant ancestors will.

When people say, "How could they get here, the distances are to great"  I think they are not understanding one element of the equation properly.  That is (t) Time!

If you understand the numbers, then you can understand that somewhere, and at some point in time there where other creatures that were taking their first steps into space travel long, long, long before we were taking our first steps out of the trees.

Again, blueshift, im not picking on you, just using your statement as an example.

Hope this helps ;)
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