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Author: sjoerdtje
Time: 07/14/05 23:30 PST
This is a reply to message no. 16455 by gerdb
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In defense of Bob Lazar and alien space craft
Lets trow in a flying sourcer from norway.
I certainly have my doubts about that we have alien visiters walking around here. Although i can believe that humens have started over once or twice and that those people are looking at us. (maybe stupid to think but hey its just an opinion).

Out here in the Bømlafjord, we have a circle in the earth on a rather remote island after a flying sourcer landed there. There where seen big lights in the fjord that seemed to touch down on an open space at the coast off a small island (mayn people have seen this not just 1 over a few 100 infact). After this sight there was a circular impression in the ground that was about 30/40 cm deep. This circle is today still visible and is about 10/20 cm deep. Maybe deeper i do not remember so well.
What you think about this is op to yourself, but the circle is there and nobody knows how it gotten there. The circle was not carved out or anything, and who would drag big machinery to a remote island for such a "joke"?
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