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Author: spacecadet
Time: 08/24/06 11:52 PST
This is a reply to message no. 16455 by gerdb
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In defense of Bob Lazar and alien space craft

I believe every word that Bob Lazar's personal experience with area 51 with regard to alien space craft with gravity amplifiers that generate a warp field in front of it allowing the craft to slip in and out of vast distances effortlessly.   In support of this concept, I want to direct everyone's attention to "NASA Glenn's Marc Mills who has taken a break from Project Management for NASA's Breakthrough Propulsion Physics (BPP) Project to return to conducting research, offers this assessment of the prospects for achieving the propulsion breakthroughs that would enable such far-future visions of interstellar travel." 

Mr. Mills proposed that if we can control gravity and/or inertial forces, you could accomplish this breakthrough propulsion system without the use of rockets or propellants.   Interestingly enough, a by-product of this technology would also allow you to create synthetic or artificial gravity for your space crews in the vehicle travelling at this speed.    Furthermore, he thinks that as we get better controlling electromagnetism, it will lead us to control gravity to use in this new propulsion system.   It has been a long-established belief that the link of electromagnetism and gravity exist and widely explained in Einstein theory of relativity.   But instead of studying gravity in a traditional sense, we need to look at it in a different light (no pun intended) in terms of breakthrough propulsion systems.

 I am quoting another passage on this study "Another way is through new theories from quantum mechanics that link gravity and inertia to something called "vacuum fluctuations." 

 In summation, all of this novel and breakthrough propulsion system is mainly based on the same propulsion system that for more than a decade now, Bob Lazar has claimed he had seen in actual operation in the UFO's he has back engineered in area 51.  And guess what folks, the propulsion system is driven by a rocketless, propellant less, and noiseless technology based on the same underlying force in physics discussed by NASA Glenn's Marc Miller throughout this study.  And if you have been reading, it's -- GRAVITY! 

I rest my case and take my hat off to Bob Lazar for his courage coming out and sharing this information with the rest of us ignoring public ridicule and criticism.  Mr. Lazar, thank you for enlightening the rest of us!

BT Stephens

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