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Author: gerdb
Time: 08/24/06 15:58 PST
This is a reply to message no. 16455 by gerdb
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In defense of Bob Lazar and alien space craft



i personally changed a spark plug on a flying saucer, proabbly death valley, maybe a few hundredthousand years ago


i was just a child-mind passenger with no skills


we took off and had to land again because this chaneg pf a single spark plug could only be cacomplished while landed

 now why would that thing need a spark plug ?


simplicity of engine designe: a spark plug is all you need, a spark or some controlled energy burst, then a reaction with anti-mattter or anti-energy, both being generated by the sdpaqce crafts computers


this engine runs on a huge amount of computers, maybe 50 % of the craft is computers. There may be  4 engines in the skirt of the flying saucer. All engines accessable only from the outside while landed, never from the inside.


If they have flying saucers at area 51 with no computers, then they are elevator type spacecraft that don't need engines.  I have used those as well.

 When entering new dimesnions of technology, we as humans must recognize the fact that we don't operate on our onw volition, like drivign a car, but that we have to ask PERMISSION to do this or that ---- permission is the key element


just imagine humans can take off into new dimensions, how would they ever find their way back by themselves ? there is no way.  Only point to point, permission from higer guardians.


Permission and guardians used to be the thign everywhere i went, earthis a curiosity in so far as no permission pr guardians are required.


 I even saw humans do electricity experiments on earth, making electricity flow from the ocean unto land via a single copper wire, maybe 50,000 years ago.  This could work only if the experimenter would ask the permission of the entities in charge on a different plane.  And then it would work.


Just trying to communicate same basics I am familiar with, and maybe some reader finds so9methign sueful or remembers something on his own. 


I doubt seriously that people can survive in space even going to Mars using present day technology. If I had to take a bet, i would say: NO, it cannot ever be done going that slow. Its not survivable. And very likely Nasa knows it as well.


When travelling by saucer, you ask permission, and the question comes back how fast you want to go. You can be there instantly, but that is only for expereicned travellers. My comfort zone was about 4 days or a week, in earth time.


A new way of thinking might help when everything else fails.

 I don't need to prove anything to myself by writing here.  But since I am here, it sure would be interesting to me to learn to connect earth with other technology. I am just a student like everyone else. Simly remember experiecnes others most likely also had but are unable to remember. No big deal either way. 

 The best way to travel is still without using a vehicle.

Anti-gravity is extremely restircitive and local.

Going by car, well, what can I say..................... a real oddity, and everyone knows its an oddity, how come, something everyone DOES remember subconsciously?













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