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Author: gearloose
Time: 11/22/06 08:44 PST
This is a reply to message no. 18175 by BOUNDARYLAYER
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“And you know that all Standards are from researchs in University, Paper, Patent and ...”
I must respectfully disagree.
Standards such as those found in ASME Boiler Codes, or ASTM documents, or SAE publications (such as the J standards for automotive use or the AMS, ARP, AIR, or AS documents used in the aerospace industry) are CONSENSUS documents.  That means that a group of interested people gets together and decides on the wording, and runs it through some type of balloting process, so that input from many interested parties is considered.
University research is valuable, as are published papers, and work that results in patents.  But they have little to do with standards development.

You should also be aware that most standards are copyrighted.  It is at least improper, and in many countries illegal, to provide copyrighted documents to a third party without the permission of the copyright holder.  So no, you should not copy a standard found in your library and e-mail it to anyone who asks, as in general, they are not public domain.

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