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Author: gearloose
Time: 12/02/06 20:20 PST
This is a reply to message no. 18201 by rcr6s
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French material specs

(Climbs on the soapbox...)

You're never going to find "equivalent" specifications across Standards Development Organization documents: at best, you'll find "comparable", and you have to decide if that is good enough for your application.  There will always be differences within the specifications on things like what tests are acceptance (done with every lot) and which are periodic (done once and then at some interval), what the thickness and straightness tolerances are, and even on what level of tests should be reported.  There will also almost always be differences on slight allowable levels of selected elements in the composition.  Is 10.5% to 12% nickel equivalent to 11% to 13% nickel?  Well?

(Climbs off soapbox)

That said, I've never heard of NFL specifications, nor do I see them listed in Stahlschlussel, or the Worldwide Guides, or even the Australian Guide to Material Cross Index.  Are they related to AFNOR documents?  Could they be  company proprietary, like the BAC's and BMS's of Boeing?


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