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Author: timwpa
Time: 12/10/06 19:42 PST
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Beam Loading Question

I am in the process of planning finishing my Basement. There is a S8X18.4 I-Beam spaning 28ft. (room dimensions 28' X 30'). There are 2 metal posts positioned approx. 9ft apart (one of which is in the way of my plan) that I don't think are supported by footers.

Will there be structural problems if I move one of the support posts to create a span of 15.5 ft? The house is 2 storys and based on what I've researched the Live Load is a maximum of  100lb/ft^2.

Please help me to figure this out... I tried to do the calculations on the beam and I'm coming up with a defection of over an inch... I can't imagine that this situation would cause the beam to deflect that much.

Thanks for your help,

 Tim Walsh 





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