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Author: cessna
Time: 12/12/06 09:20 PST
This is a reply to message no. 18259 by timwpa
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Beam Loading Question

TIM:  Lacking a lot more of specific informaito I suggest that you talk to the building department and/ or engineer's office in your town or city.  Building code books tell you how to compute the beam loading and the deflection/stress limits.  I suspect if the builder spaced them at 9 ft, that is pretty much the limit.  1 inch deflection sounds like a lot over the 15.5 feet.  Assuming the 1 inch deflection is correct then for a uniformly distributed load the deflection is proportional to the fourth power of the unsupported length.  That means at 1.0" at 15.5 ft span corresponds to 0.11" at the 9 foot span.  You may have a problem here.



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