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Author: JackPatrick
Time: 02/24/08 11:48 PST
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Second Moment of Area for I-section with curved Flange

I am trying to calculate the second moment of area of an I-section with curved flange designed to sit inside a hollow tube and give support against bending stress.  The application is the leading edge spar of a microlight aircraft wing. 

 I can't see anywhere to upload an the drawing of the part so I'll do my best to describe it.

 The web is 2.5mm thickness and the maximum height of the section is 60mm.

The flange has outer radius 30mm and inner radius 26mm (i.e. 4mm thickness in flange) The width of the flange at its widest point is 38mm. 

I have attempted this trying to follow an example from a text book myself and got 180000mm^4 in the web and I treated the flange as a thin walled section of thickness 4mm and mean radius 28mm and got 205431mm^4 however I am not confident in haveing done it correctly.  Can anyone tell me if this sounds reasonable, or better collaborate these results. 

 any help much appreciated!


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