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Author: gbynum
Time: 05/02/08 12:23 PST
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Electrical compressor wanted, low flow, to around 400 bar

I frequently charge accumulators, normally directly from a nitrogen bottle.  Most industrial users keep only 150 bar bottles.  I've used "intensifiers" by Haskel and Sprague which do a perfectly satisfactory job where air power is available.  I've used 400 bar bottles, but they are frequently difficult to obtain.

 I would like to find an electrically powered device which will meet this need; it seems it would be common, but I have failed to find one at all.  The consumer market, paintball, typically will use the Haskel air powered units.

 Are any readers here aware of such a unit?  The needs are not for high flow or high power; I see 1/2 HP (400W) as more than sufficient.  I want it to be portable, 25 or 30 pounds (10-15 kg).



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