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Author: gerdb
Time: 07/01/08 21:00 PST
This is a reply to message no. 19863 by b1ueshift
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Current Topic:
Definition of current for a three phase circuit.

to my knowledge as machinist

all we use is 3 phase current, available only in industrial areas, not residential.

If we have a machine running at home, we first need to buy a phase generator

that uses single phase and puts out three phase current to drive the motor on the machine (lathe, milling machine). But 3 phase is not required for hobby type machines that use
little power to start with (1-3 hp) to make an occasional part at home on a lathe or milling machine.

The way I understand it is that single phase uses one cycle of 60 per second and three phase uses three of those 60 cycles per seconds  offset, not simultaneouslys at peak or bottom, so as to have a stronger motor,
using the same volts and amps

Single phase 100 watts is not as powerful (or better efficient ?) as three phases of the same wattage (volt * amps).

I would like to hear a better explanation myself.

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