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Author: wildald
Time: 03/25/10 17:03 PST
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I am not getting some questions answered from our GD&T class last quarter. Was hoping that I could get a better understanding from someone online.

The first question is; "Can we designate a datum to the center of a feature of size (slot) and then use that same datum as a reference for the position of that same feature of size (slot)?". It seems too much like we would be referrencing the feature to itself for me to accept it.

A second question is; "Will a surface profile, which does not have any referrencing datums (second half of two control frames), control the size of the affected area (indirectly), or would the size only be controlled by the (first half of two control frames) surface profile, which has datum reference frames and provides a larger tolerance zone to accomodate for size, location, and orientation?".

Your help is very much appreciated. Grasping a complete understanding of these standards is very important to me personally and also for my future career.

-Dale Wilkinson, student @Dunwoody College of Technology, Minneapolis, MN

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