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Author: deajohn5556
Time: 10/25/10 12:30 PST
This is a reply to message no. 21243 by battleship81
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Window for pressurized chamber made from laminated glass?

Under 2 atm pressure (30 psi) I calcualte a stress of 2700 psi for the 0.5 inch glass.  That is OK, but in general it is good to keep the glass stress under 1200 psi in taht environment for a lifetime.  That would mean a 0.75 inch thick piece.

I use glass allt the time in our pressure chambers, since it is needed for optical transmission and plastic would not work.  Ordinary window glass will work, and the  temperature of 105 C is fine as long as there are no gradients in excess of 10-20C; that means you need to control ramp rate to 105 C to something like 25C/hr max if possible.

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