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Author: deajohn5556
Time: 11/08/10 13:21 PST
This is a reply to message no. 21259 by battleship81
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Window for pressurized chamber made from laminated glass?

Usually our windows are circular not rectangular. And we opearte under 1 atm not 2 atm. Also, our sizes range from 6 inch diameter to 15 inch diameter.

To ensure proper boundaries, the windows are generally "potted" with silicone adhesive to avoid edge moments. 

For rectangular windows, edges and corners should be beveled and edges finished to avoid major edge flaws. The analysis I did for your application assumes 100 um maximum depth of flaws.  We cannot use laminated glass due to optical transmission; however, do not misunderstand, laminated glass will prevent castrophiv failure (safety concern) as any breakage will not shatter the glass.  However, for ordinary window glass at 0.75 inch thick  (that is a pretty thick piece of glass) the stresses will only break it into 2 pieces, so safety is not too big a deal. 

Depending on your policies, laminate is better but probably more costly.

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